Welcome to my Website!

Buying or selling a home can be very overwhelming. It's high pressure, legally binding and large sums of money are involved.

I hope this site provides you with lots of useful information & tips.

Here's what you'll find:

  • Step by Step overviews of the buying & selling process; along with sections for renting and 'landlording';
  • Pitfalls of not using an agent (I know, I'm biased!)
  • Mortgage Information relating to current rates, rules, tips & how lenders typically determine how much to lend you;
  • A  calculator that gives you an estimate of the mortgage amount you would likely qualify for assuming good credit;
    The federal government introduced legislation impacting all insured & uninsured mortgages which will result in a not so insignificant number of borrowers qualifying for reduced mortgages. My calculator doesn't reflect these most recent  legislative changes. However, I'm working on it! To read about these latest changes, please click here. Scroll down to where it says "New federal legislation in 2016/2017".
  • Plenty of tax information relating to HST as it relates to real estate, land transfer taxes, capital gains on the sale of a principal residence or rental property, RSP Home Buyers Plan, Home Buyers Tax Credit (for first time buyers) & Sales by Non-Residents and its impact on buyers;
  • A land transfer tax ('LTT') calculator that computes the added tax cost (net of any GST/PSTrebate) of purchasing a 'resale' home/condo; Click here.
  • Plenty of brief articles on lots of interesting real estate topics;
  • Background information about me and my brokerage;
  • "My Links", a section devoted to some nifty links;
  • A section devoted to frequently asked questions (FAQ);
  • A wonderful tool for potential buyers or renters that lets you search the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) by selecting your search criteria & receiving results of homes/condos that are on the market that meet your criteria.

Thanks for visiting.